Commando Capcom Co., Ltd. / Data East USA, Inc. 1986

Release Date: 1986 Several levels await your super-tough Commando in this vertical scrolling game, a port of the popular 1985 arcade game. Armed with only a standard rifle and a few grenades you must take on hordes of Nazis. Some are wandering around in the open, while others have picked out hiding places, which you must approach from certain angles. Trees, rivers and bridges create a varied combat-like terrain and must be incorporated into your thinking. Extra grenades can be collected, and will definitely be required, as they allow you to kill from distance and thus avoid some enemy shots. Its influence can be seen in various later games in the shooter game genre. In 1998, Commando Enhanced, a fan-made remake was released. While most gameplay elements resemble the original game, there are additions such as new enemy types, the ability to pick and use grenades, body armor and other items, and the ability to call in airstrikes.
Full Demo 77kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Floppy Image ISO Demo 39kb (uploaded by scaryfun)
Enhanced - Screenshots
Browser-Playable Emulated Arcade Game (uploaded by Internet Arcade)
Commando Enhanced - Free Game 598kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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