Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory Stumphead Games LLC 2019

Early Access Release The year is 40XX. Since the establishment of the Galactic Consul peace has reigned, but as of late a cold unease has settled into the barren soil of the colonies. It began at first with the odd distress signal - a company freighter lost in the dormant starfields, an occasional satellite having seemingly vanished from a backwater planet. Now, entire solar systems have slipped into the encroaching ink sweeping across the outskirts, and maddened whispers speak of a force beyond the void - Purgatory. As mankind’s only hope for survival, Crome must eliminate dozens of waves of cosmic beasts and ships to escape the dark abyss. Thankfully, his sleek ship comes equipped with devastating weapons and a precise dashing ability; a perfect combination for slaying alien scum. Take control of Crome as he hunts down hordes of galactic monstrosities and bring back peace in this retro-inspired bullet hell. Fire your way through fast-paced combat scenarios and dash through overwhelming attacks. Face off against more than 20 beasts, ships, and fiendish bosses. Harness an arsenal of destructive weapons and abilities. Challenge friends on a competitive leaderboard and secure your spot as the Galactic Consul’s most skilled pilot. Annihilate enemies to level up Crome’s ship and upgrade its firing speed.
Download: None currently available

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