TouHou Makuka Sai: Fantastic Danmaku Festival Part II Oriental Umbrella Festival Production Team 2019

This is a danmaku shooting game, which is the second part of Touhou Makuka Sai. The repeat of incident is coming again. Can the girls going to the netherworld solve the mystery? The spring of Gensokyo arrived one month ago... Unprecedented blizzard suddenly hit, making Gensokyo become colder than Winter. Soon, Youkais became restless under the overwhelming blizzard. “It's too similar…it shouldn't be a coincidence, should it?" Miko from jinja, witch from forest, and wind priestess specially comes for the incident gather again. They all know something in heart but also full of uncertainty and anxiety. To solve the mystery before thing goes worse, they have to start off to find out the root of the incident, even under the fierce blizzard. New Characters: Wandering white, Ability to make people fall asleep. Fairy of sweetness and fragrance with ability to announce the coming of spring. Features: Seems familiar but a brand new different script; Significant stage show and danmaku also full of challenges, bringing visual experience different from traditional shooting games; Serial sequel after a gap of 5 years, challenging the ultimate limit of danmaku.
Download: None currently available

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