Vanguard: Normandy 1944 Pathfinder Games 2019

Early Access Release Lead your team to victory by suppressing the enemy and using squad-based tactics to win the fight. With its real-world battlefields and painstakingly recreated weapons, equipment and uniforms all rendered in the stunning CRYENGINE, this challenges players to fight and secure historic WWII objectives during the most ferocious and intense battle of modern history: D-Day. It’s June 6th 1944 and the Allied Invasion of Europe has begun. Take and hold crucial objectives as members of the elite Airborne Division, or hold the line as the fierce German Wehrmacht in this tactical multiplayer squad-based shooter. This immerses players into the intensity of online close-quarters infantry combat. In our Raid gamemode, every life matters; hold the line as the defenders, take up ambush positions with your squad, and critically stay alive to hold the objective. Alternatively, assault the objective as the attacking team by advancing with your squad, suppressing the enemy, and wiping out the defenders to capture the objective. We designed Raid as our principle game mode because we want to put the player in the boots of an infantry soldier and instantly experience a slice of hectic, hardcore combat on real-life battlefields without having to run around a large map trying to find the action. Features: Hardcore squad vs squad objective-based Raid gamemode to experience the intensity of battle where every single life matters in short intense rounds; Focused infantry combat in real-world historic locations, rendered in the stunning CRYENGINE; Lead the way by suppressing the enemy and use squad-based tactics to capture or defend the objectives and wipe out the enemy; Fight with authentic weaponry and equipment as part of the British or German forces; Immersive 3D audio that puts you into the intense firefights and helps you to pinpoint the enemy gunfire (headphones required).
Download: None currently available

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