Twinfire Stratos 1997

The plot of this Spanish shmup is as follows: a rebellious general gathers an army and wants to destroy everyone. We have to stop him, so we sit at the helm of a modest monoplane with a tiny nose gun and go to save the world. We are greeted by a luxurious landscape and opponents, made in an ageless drawing style. From the very beginning we see how a tank is driving at us and firing to kill. We descend to a low-level flight, fly around the bushes ... Stop, do not fly, but get injured and we understand that the bush should have been shot first, and the tank used it as a shelter. Such interactivity, and even not just for show, but with the most practical purpose? Interesting. We fly further, we meet enemy planes - and we find out that coins fall out of them, which do not stay in the air, but start falling down. And there the anti-aircraft gun fires, so we do not take risks, but go down a safe distance and shoot it. Nothing falls out of the anti-aircraft gun. It becomes clear that flying at us does not shoot, but only rams, but coins fall out of it, but the ground moving and static technique is firing, but does not give coins. And something else is not seen the usual bonuses for the genre, although there are more and more opponents, and the standard cannon coped with them somehow. But here in the heavens there appears some kind of apparatus with a calling sign, when visiting which the gray-haired Old Joe will offer us to heal and buy a new weapon, only he will pay such a price for it that you start to lament that you have not collected all the coins. On the other hand, when they were collected, if you destroy all the time the most dangerous opponents, those who don’t throw coins on the ground? This dilemma - the choice between security and getting money - brings incredible excitement to the gameplay. The need to calculate each time what is better: destroy the squadron and collect coins, get a few holes, or eliminate the threat and not get a penny, remaining, thus, unable to cope with the increasing number (and quality) of enemies? Pride begins to play, the brain - to calculate the optimal tactics, and hands - to strain to the limit and sweat. And the eye is admiring the picture given and rejoices, and no difficulties will distract from it. The style of the picture frames the creative hardcore moistened with bright colors and lines resembling something from childhood, making everything so deceptively soft and frivolous, even when our gun does not have time to spew cartridges of the enemy on a screw.
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