Blood Trail Electrovore 2019

Early Access Release The game you have been waiting your whole sick life for. Experience what has been called "The most realistic gore system ever" in both sandbox and arcade combat modes. Take on the role of a heartless killer for hire and see why this has been called "The most violent game in VR". You are Wendigo. A hard-hearted contract killer motivated only by a paycheck. With a trusted arsenal at the ready, you are tasked with annihilating a fanatical cult. Built from the ground up for VR using proprietary character physics and gore systems, it offers an unprecedented shooting experience not for the faint of heart. Early Access gives you Arcade Mode with 3 unique arena style maps where you will face an onslaught of enemies in a fast-paced shootout as well as the infamous "sandbox room" where you get a helpless victim and blank canvas to paint on with our dynamic gore system. With realistic gun mechanics and damage effects, you will have no margin for error as you use your pistol, shotgun, rifle and fists to become the last man standing in this nightmarish and brutal scenario. It's just getting started. The game will eventually feature: A full, story driven, single-player campaign with infiltration style missions as well as huge shootouts and quiet moments of terror; More arcade mode maps; More evil things to do in sandbox mode; More weapons; More enemy types; More ways to murder and maim; More drugs; more violence. There will also be an experimental branch where you can test out cool upcoming features before they make it to the main game. We will soon be testing heavily requested features such as full ik body and advanced melee attacks.
Download: None currently available

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