Extinction: Alien Invasion Henrique Lima / KZ GAMES 2019

This is an arcade shooter with elements of RPG, inspired by games like: Dead nation, Shadowgrounds, Alien Breed and Alien Swarm. In the game you will control a mercenary at the beginning of an alien invasion doing everything to protect the human race. Annihilate waves of aliens, build your base, improve your mercenary, do it all with a sound track bathed in rock. Features: Two game modes; Cooperative gameplay for two players; Joystick support; Dynamic combat system; Several skills for you to play in your own way; Over 50 weapons to collect; Are you finding the game easy?! How about customizing your difficulty?!With mods system is possible, change enemies' damage, health, attack properties, speed and more; Various types of enemies; Several items to build during the horde mode; Soundtrack bathed to much rock.
Download: None currently available

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