Planet Nine J├Âtunn Games 2019

You're a clone, spawned by an A.I, on a mission to save an alien planet from an invasion. Control a customizable mech with over 100 different parts, gain levels, perks, find loot and discover data logs learn the history of the Ninth Planet. Fast-paced combat where energy stores and shield will help keep you alive. Use drones, flares, and sensors to gain the edge in a battle against hostile mechs and monsters. Explore the dangerous land, caves, and vaults filled with hostile mechs, monsters, and raiders. Find containers filled with loot to upgrade your mech. Mission-driven gameplay with free exploration. Discover the secret of the Ninth Planet. Features: Open world exploration; Mission driven gameplay with side missions; Mech customization; top down view; Fast paced combat; RPG elements; Single player.
Download: None currently available

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