Battle Chopper Parnoramic Software 1994

A lone Apache battle helicopter surrounded by hordes of hostile Hindus and other flying monsters is supposed to rescue the downed pilot of the fourteen that remained deep in the enemy's rear. A pretty difficult task - and exactly the goal of this free game. The goal is to break down to the downed pilot, pick him up and get him to the base, under the fierce fire of everything in sight at the moment. Directions to an impatient passenger and then to the base is shown to a helicopter by navigation arrow. In order for Apache to go where he is, he must point his arrow at the arrow to point to his weapon systems. It is not easy to save the pilot of the fourteen, especially when the Hind are furiously attacking. It is important to note that the helicopter can withstand only a limited number of enemy hits and has no bottom tanks. So it can be shot down, but it can also fall off the sky without a drop of fuel. Then he is unlucky both his pilot and the unfortunate man waiting to be rescued. Just classic Game over. If, on the other hand, players succeed in completing the task and bringing the boy from F14 to safety, he can look forward to the next mission. As in every shooter, the Battle Chopper can also find bonus fuel, weapons, and flares on the battlefield (delusional targets that are being discharged due to the confusion of thermally guided enemy missiles).
Free Game 3.7MB (uploaded by

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