Flash Point Aidan Gignac 2019

Early Access Release This is a multiplayer First-person Shooter Game with a ton to offer. Features: Quick Play Matchmaking; Server Browser; Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Domination; 4 Maps; In-Game Weapon Unlocks; Weapon Customization; 2-12 Players per match; Large Arsenal of Weapons to Use; Chat System Team/All. It's a First-Person Shooter Online game that lets you compete with players all over the world. Battle against players in multiple terrains from outdoor environments to indoors. Epic battles allowing absolute chaos. With so many players to kill and experience points to earn to unlock new weapons for battle what are you waiting for? The game is centered around the idea of simplistic yet addictive gameplay. With multiple different game modes to play you can pick your battles and fight in totally different scenarios. Earn weapons in this game to make you the best. Fight your way to the top. Progressive Ranking System. Challenges to customize your guns.
Download: None currently available

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