Osiris Azat Khafizov Design 2019

Early Access Release Action of the game takes place in the distant future on the artificial planet G6, when OSIRIS corporation began to use technologies of the transition of human souls to the Heaven. This process was commercialized and gradually almost all humanity sold their properties to this corporation for the opportunity to "proceed to the better world ahead of time". There will be 10-15 minutes of gameplay, which then will be updated with further enhancements and extensions. In the first version of game we play the role of Mr.Switch, who is responsible for shipping of clients of OSIRIS corporation to the Heaven. During usual procedure accident happens and hell gate opens. Features: a dark sci-fi horror/first person shooter; Action part is like mix of Painkiller, Serious Sam, Doom 2016, Quake 2/4 and Left 4 Dead; Horror part is like mix of Doom 3, F.E.A.R. and Dead Space 2 (at this moment only portion of Action part is implemented. Other portions will be added during further development of the game). At the end of Early Access mode, when game will be published in the standard way, OSIRIS will have elaborated and exciting plot, interesting and diverse gameplay, big amount of manifold monsters. Planned duration of the final gameplay is ~3 hours. Main sound accompaniment for the game is Dark Dubstep which inspired the development. Music for current version of the game is produced by Kwizma (also you can check out dark dubstep music by Leon Switch, Kelly Dean, Kial, Nomine, Nurve, Subbassa, Sacred Doctrine, RUFUS!, Pushloop, AxH, TRUTH, Deafblind, RUFFHOUSE, OldGold and so on). It's powered by Unreal Engine. Game mostly is creating by one developer, Azat Khafizov.
Download: None currently available

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