Night Raid Argo Games / Software Creations 1992

This a remake of the classic game Paratrooper on its tenth anniversary. The essence of the game is that we have an anti-aircraft gun and must repel attacks from the air. Above the cannon, transport planes are constantly circling, from which daring paratroopers jump out, capable of four of us climbing onto the roof of our firing point, gathering in a group and lining up on a live staircase, and undermining the weapon. And also there are bonuses - rockets, knocking down which we will get additional points. In shooting at enemies, there is an element of realism: you can shoot down an airplane, kill an enemy landing in the air, or even tear a parachute with a shot - then the pest will not survive, either. For all these brave deeds we get points. But each shot takes one point. This is all there is in the old Paratrooper. But in this game, the number of nice details increased significantly. To begin with, this time it's dressed in attractive graphics. Finally, instead of a black hole, the night sky with the "cheese" moon hangs above us, and in our lair the lights in the windows are lit up. Now airplanes are hovering over us, changing helicopters from the previous incarnation, and over time there are more high-speed models that are harder to hit. Bonuses have now changed from aircraft to rockets. Paratroopers falling from above land more realistically, without standing up on each other’s shoulders as before. The new version also has a humorous element associated with simplifying the gameplay. In Paratrooper, the player was given one continuous round, by eye divided by short breaks. And here the opponents come in waves (in fact, this is the game rounds), which are clearly marked with messages. Such an amusing picture takes place between them: if among the parachutists there are still happy ones landed, they are picked up by a UFO arriving from the moon, and if not, you can see a flying airplane from above with the phone of the game creators on the poster behind the tail. Such moments quite successfully enliven the gameplay.
Full Demo 589kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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