Witchaven Capstone / Intracorp 1995

Action-Adventure with Doom-like graphics and a touch of RPG with the introduction of character advancement. Descending into a volcanic pit on the Island of Char, you must fight your way through goblins, demons and other sorts of fiends toward the mystical lair of Witchaven to defeat the witches who have cursed the land with a shroud of darkness. There's a new SVGA mode next to the normal VGA. There are melee weapons like a sword and spears and ranged weapons like throwing axes and arrows, which can be recollected after use. One of the features of Witchaven was that its weapons were not infinitely durable - with the exceptions of the fists, weapons would break down with repeated use, and replacements would need to be found. In addition to potions which the player can drink for health, stamina, fire resistance and more, there are several spells which can be cast such as Freeze, Scare, Fly, Unlock and Fireball. There are a plethora of monsters the player must contend with, including goblins, ogres, fire drakes and willow wisps. The final boss of the game is the evil Illwhyrin. Not much new has been introduced otherwise. It's fun to play but it won't rock your world. If you enjoyed Hexen, try this one.
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Level Demo+Patch 7MB ( @ JonoF's Games and Stuff)
Full Demo ( @ DJ Old Games)
Full Demo 6MB ( @ Juego Viejo)
ISO Demo ~56MB ( @ LTF Abandonware France)
Video Review
ISO Demo ~112MB (upped by Scaryfun)
Video Reviews
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Full Demo with DOSBox 94MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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