Witchaven 2: Blood Vengeance Capstone / Intracorp 1996

You awaken after the festivities in which you indulged after your adventures in the first game only to find that the sister of the witch you killed is after revenge. Witchaven 2 is once again a combination of RPG and shooter. You can use melee, ranged weapons and magic spells. You gain experience through battling opponents. Compared to the first Witchaven the graphics have improved (SVGA) and so has the difficulty. If you liked the first game, this isn't a bad choice. But, don't expect something revolutionary. It had some improvements over the original game such as wielding two weapons, one in each hand. In the game you collect silver, gold, and experience points, but there does not appear to be any place that you can use these things. There are nice lava flows, shaded dark corridors of walls, outdoor locations, curved archways sloped floors, and ceilings, reflective water, stained glass, large open air arenas, spiral staircases, and elaborate rooms all beautifully done with intricate and interesting details, such as nails on bridges suspended with chains. Unlike Witchaven, it came with the Build level editor which meant that you were now able to create your own levels for the game.
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Full Demo 14MB (upped by bullthorn)
Kixx Release ISO Demo 226MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo with DOSBox 129MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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