Wolfenstein 3D ID Software / Apogee 1992

iD Software's first big hit. This was inspired by earlier games called Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein which were in top-down view. You find yourself in a prison cell in a nazi castle. You break out, armed with only a knife, and fight your way through the crowds of nazis and attack dogs. The building has a number of hidden rooms containing various treasures, food supplies, and medical kits, as well as three different guns and ammunition. The graphics were completely ingenious and fast for those times. Ceiling and floor however were not texturised, but that didn't catch someones eye. There was no automap, too, but the levels were manageable without it. It was originally released as shareware, which allowed it to be copied widely. The shareware release contained one episode consisting of 10 levels. The retail version contained 2 more episodes plus a mission pack of 3 more for a total of 60 levels. There are five kinds of enemies (excluding bosses) - Dogs (fast, but more a nuisance than life-threatening), Army Soldiers (dressed in regular brown outfit, not very powerful but usually found in large groups), Officers (dressed in white, armed with a very accurate pistol and tough to kill), SS Troopers (blue attire, armed with a machine gun and tough to kill) and Mutants (the rarest and toughest of regular enemies, pale-skinned troopers with green clothes and a machine gun stuck in their chest). Unlike modern FPS games, the player has a number of lives, and once the player loses the last life, the game ends. To win extra lives, the player either has to find the 1-up item in the level, get 20 000 points by killing enemies and capturing treasures or completing a level below the "par" time and killing all enemies, finding all secrets (push walls) and collecting all treasure points. In Germany the game was banned, because of the Third Reich theme - so it was only successful in the "underground". Nevertheless, even in Germany there will be hardly any fan of 3D shooters who never played this game. On the 20th anniversary of the game's release in May/2012, the game was made available to play free in a browser.

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Beta Demo 471KB (@ vo-noobs.com)
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Best Total Conversions & Source Port
 1  2  3 
Apple II GS version in browser
Fan-Made Mods/TCs
 1  2  3 
Browser-Playable Flash Version (by Glen Rhodes)
Running on WinXP/Vista
Full Demo ( @ Juego Viejo)
Full Demo ( @ Fajnegry.prv.pl)
Video Reviews
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Full Demo (upload by bullthorn)
Full Demo including Spear Of Destiny ~3MB (upload by bullthorn) - ripped by dead-meat from ISO below.
Full Demo 3-Episode Release v1.2 ~1MB (thanks to 3DShootMaster & upped by Scaryfun) / Mirror (uploaded by Maraakate)
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ISO Demo including Spear Of Destiny ~76MB (upload by bullthorn)
Wolfenstein 3D v1.4 + Spear of Destiny + Super Ugrades ISO Demo ~7MB (uploaded by Maraakate)
Wolfenstein 3-D incl SUPER UPGRADES Pack - Floppy Images ISO Demo (3DSL release by 3DShootMaster 3MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
The id Anthology 4CD ISO Demo included in CD1 : Catacomb 3D, Hovertank 3D, Spear of Destiny, Wolfenstein 3D plus other old games by id. MAC version included in CD4 : Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom. (upload by Scaryfun)
Browser-Playable Java Shareware Demo v1.4g 1MB (uploaded by RGB Classic Games)
Full Demo v1.4 "iD Branded" (uploaded by Maraakate)
Floppy Disk Images v1.2 ISO Demo 1.2MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Browser-Playable/Downloadable 20th Anniversary HTML5 Free Full Game 9MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
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Wolfenstein 3D Fan-Made Collection (Win7 playable & includes Wolf3d SOD Launcher v2, Absence, Beyond Wolfenstein 2 SE, BatmanvsBane... over 19 diferent mods) 23MB (uploaded by 3Spot)
included in Wolfenstein 3D and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 - (2001 Xplosiv release) Clone ISO Demo 613MB (uploaded by Egon68)
The First Trilogy v1.2 Full Demo (3DSL release by 3DShootMaster) 904kb (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo + GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.4, Ports, Docs, Levels, Misc 60.2MB+16MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
Floppy Image ISO Demo v1.4g (provided by basetta & upped by Scaryfun) 1.4MB
id Anthology - 4CD ISO Demo 588MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
Full Demo v1.4 included in iD Software: The 90's Collection 653MB (uploaded by yamibito)

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