Axiom Soccer Earthbound Games Ltd. 2019

Early Access Release Players pass, dribble and shoot their way to victory on the pitch by skillful piloting of their projectile-firing drone. Fast paced third-person shooter action and football tactics combine to keep you scoring, winning and moving up the leagues. It's a fresh take on future sport. The stadium and the crowds, the spectacular shots, saves and goalmouth action – they are all there, but now it's high-tech, projectile-firing drones pursuing sporting glory and into Axiom Soccer legend. Influence play from a distance with the pneumatic cannon or remote-activated goalkeeper, and show your moves with a variety of tactical projectiles. Mix soccer strategy with your shooter skills and you're halfway to the thrills of the game. Practice against AI opponents to sharpen your game and play local competitive games with up to three friends until you’re fit to take on the world online in front of an interactive crowd watching on live streams. Survive next-goal-wins Sudden Death and take your team to a penalty shootout for the ultimate in nerve-wracking tension. Take aim and push your drone to maximum revs. Modes: Single player vs AI; Ranked online play; Multiplayer (network); Multiplayer vs AI (network); Multiplayer (local).
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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