Drone Striker Userjoy Technology Co. Lrd., Userjoy Japan Co. Ltd. 2019

An all new futuristic VR shooting game. Classic arcade shooting recreated in VR. A dire apocalyptic world surrounded by mecha insectoids. You take the role of Chris, a member of the special forces called the Drone Strikers. In order to save the world from the rogue artificial intelligence-controlled robots, Chris needs to use his combat abilities to save what is left of humanity. Features: Set in a furturistic apocalyptic world; Recreates the classical rail shooter arcade experience; A wide variety of insectoid mechas to conquer and defeat; Challenge yourself with Normal and Hard difficulties; Compete with players from all around the world for a spot on the leaderboard with your best scores; Three Huge Levels - Tunnels - The shadows of the abandoned tunnels hide Insectoids at every turn; Harbor - Break through the defenses of the Insectoids at the harbor and take back the frontline; City - Directly assualt the heart of the city and destroy the AI Core. The development of technology in this world has resulted in artificial intelligence replacing police and military to uphold world peace. But the AI defense network gradually became self-aware. It judged that humans were the largest threat to this world and launched a war against them. We have no choice but to fend for ourselves in order to save human civilization. But this is paid for in human lives. You will decide the future of humanity. Prove that you have the strengh to save this world. Join the Drone Striker battle squad. Represent humanity in the war against the AI. Preserve our way of life to ensure humanity’s future. Surpass yourself and become humanity’s hero.
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