Mission X FroggySoft 2010

If you love flying like bullets in the depths of space facing hordes of enemies you can't miss this very interesting open source project completely made in Italy. A video game written entirely in Java (compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Linux) made using the EasyWay 4 (an open source graphics engine for creating video games in two dimensions). The shooter must be installed (and it will not be necessary to have JRE on our PC) and then run through an elegant graphical interface where we can select the display mode (window or full screen), adjust the level of detail and choose the type of controller to use (mouse, joystick or pad). We will control the NCC-01 spaceship on a mission to protect the Earth from the Macronian invasion. The gameplay is truly amazing: furious retro action with alien structures to destroy, end-of-level bosses and an evocative galactic scenery animated by impeccable scrolling. An indie project definitely worth trying: the source site is also available on the official website and future versions will allow us to upload customized game levels, mods and skins.
Free Game v1.2 + OST (uploaded by Official Site)

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