Hyper Princess Pitch Remar Games 2011

Thi is a remake of the DOS game Operation Carnage and stars Princess Pitch, reminiscent of Princess Peach, who was previously a sidekick in Garden Gnome Carnage by the same developer. The princess still ignores her royal duties and chases after Mecha Santa and his elves who want to bring piece and happiness to the world. The princess will have none of that and she is still angry that she and her trusted friend Catstrike never received any presents. The princess's mother, Goddess of Explosions, also makes an appearance in the game. It is a fast-paced top-down shooter similar to Smash TV that consists of four main levels divided into different single-screen rooms linked together. The princess can be moved around freely and two additional keys are used to shoot and to change weapons. Each room unleashes a wave of enemies the princess needs to defeat. Afterwards she can proceed to a different room and there are different level paths that lead to a boss. The shooting mechanism is tied to the movement. The direction of shots is determined by the position the princess faces when the shoot key is pressed. That way, it is possible to shoot in eight directions (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) and the direction remains constant while moving around as long as the shoot key is still down. To change the firing direction, players need to release the shoot key, quickly adjust movement, and press it again. By performing a movement combo the princess can also ward off projectiles. Enemies leave behind fruit that provides points and there are different types of bonuses such as triple shots, faster speed, more power, catstrike etc. The three main weapons are bricks, ice and rainbow. Bricks come with an unlimited amount of ammo, while the player has to collect additional bullets for the others. There are five main difficulty levels and different endings. Higher difficulty levels also open up secrets.
Free Game v1.5 20MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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