Geeksos Steppe Hare Studio 2019

Early Access Release Survive in a city controlled by a game corporations. Residents went insane because of the need to buy DLC for every unfinished product, developers kept in slavery of endless sequels, and lootboxes now sold even at the grocery store. Stop the madness or join it in the cybernetic stealth-shooter Geeksos. Intense top-down stealth shooter. No rogue-like elements - all locations are made individually. Events take place in the futuristic city of Geeksos, which fell under complete control of game corporations. The hero was kidnapped and experimented on. Now, in order to understand what happens behind the city facade, he must make his way through armed gangs of gamers and ruthless corporate troops. Play as you like by creating your own combination of weapons, augmentations and devices. Choose which side to support and how to complete each mission. Unlock new abilities with augmentations and gadgets. Make each of your weapons unique through the dozens of different upgrades. Meet the craziest city dwellers and find out what corporations are truly hiding.
Download: None currently available

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