Maderina+ Zhin 2002

This is a Japanese horizontal side-scrolling shoot 'em up game and sequel (follow-up) to an earlier 2001 game. The main character robot turns 360 degress. We will be board a robot accompanied by two drones, by pressing X we will activate the primary fire (the drones will fire after we have collected enough power-ups) while with the Z and C keys we can make our mech rotate 360 ​​degrees clockwise and counterclockwise. This feature will become very useful when enemy formations begin to arrive from different directions. The ability to rotate the robot can also be exploited to avoid having to face enemies head-on and it will therefore be possible to set our attacks by hitting enemies without having to stay on the trajectory of their lasers. It's difficult to avoid bullets of enemy units. It has nice power-ups and nice final bosses.
Free Game v1.1 3.7MB (uploaded by Vector)

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