Starlink: Battle for Atlas Ubisoft 2019

This is a science fiction action game, first on consoles in 2018, that takes place in a distant future in the titular Atlas planetary system, a place full of breathtaking alien worlds. The game takes place in the distant Atlas planetary system, which is filled with alien worlds. This part of the galaxy is on the brink of destruction due to the invasion of the machines known as the Forgotten Legion. Our job is to stop the machines and defeat their leader, Grax. We control our own, self-made space ship. We use it to fight not only in space, but also in the high atmosphere of many planets. The game’s world is open and dynamic and changes under the influence of both the player and the Forgotten Legion’s (A.I.) decisions. If we do not pay enough attention to what’s going on, the machines will quickly take over the entire system. What makes it a unique game is the fact that it is integrated with physical spaceship models that are sold separately. Here, the system is a bit more complicated than in other similar productions. Spaceship models are modular, which allows us to manually change their parts and pilots. These changes are instantly realized in the virtual world so the game combines the virtual and actual realities. It offers many various missions during which we have complete tactical freedom. It encourages us to experiment with models’ configurations in order to create spaceships suitable for all kinds of tasks.
Download: None currently available

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