AVA: Dog Tag Red Duck, Inc. 2019

This is a first-person military shooter. The game's key feature is its complex class system. Players can freely select from 3 classes (Point man, Rifle man, Sniper) based on the formation of friendly/enemy troops and as the combat status changes. Compete in this teamwork-based tactical combat experience by strategically countering for enemy's weakness while making up for your own team's weak points through active tactical team formation enabled by class selection. It's class-team set up game play experience is further emphasized through various class-distinctive weapons which may also be customized via weapon modding parts. 3-Class System: Point Man (PM) – Proficient in Close Quarter Combat (CQC) utilizing SMGs & Shotguns; Strengths - Highest movement speed of all classes, Most versatile play style, Highest CQC DPS; Rifle Man (RM) – Wide range of weapon diversity & versatile in any combat situation. Strengths - All-around class, Potential to be effective within a large radius (medium ~ long distance); Sniper (SR) – High-powered long-range combat specialist. Excellent zoning capability and area lockdown. Strengths - Very effective from long distance, Able to apply pressure to the enemy team by simply holding certain angles, Possible one-hit kills. Weapons were designed as class-specific choices but are also subject to unique customization depending on the type of weapon modification chosen by the user. Strategically use certain weapons & classes as a team to punish your opponents’ weaknesses. It supports the value brought forth in competitive E-sports scene. Our goal is to continue weapon balancing to allow players the luxury of purely skill based decisions and the option to use different classes to exploit the weaknesses of their opponents. 3rd party E-sports platform integration, Recreation of in-game replay function, and non-p2w monetization model are some of our target goals in maturing A.V.A: Dog Tag as we proceed forward. The biggest strength of the game is the dedicated community members (divisible into specific groups: Alpha/Beta Testers, Core-Testers, Partners, Operative) who we continue to engage in communication with, in order to nurture and grow this into a game that users would recommend others to try out.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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