Never Split the Party Legend Studio 2019

This is an ultra social rogue-like. You're one of four adventurers entering an epic dungeon to take down the evil vampire known only as The Countess, who killed your parents and is now constantly bombarding you with insults. Explore a procedurally generated dungeon, amass powerful upgrades, and cooperate with your fellow adventures to conquer and crush the vile dungeon bosses. It has over 120 upgrades, 21 magical potions, 28 unique enemies, and over 425 room designs spread among 5 procedurally generated dungeon levels for maximum replayability. Each player has both a role and a character class. The four unique roles in the game each provide vital info to the party: The Cartographer tracks the dungeon maps; The Treasurer tracks each players inventory; The Vitalist tracks each players health; The Loremaster tracks all knowledge of the upgrades. If you were to be split from the party, say through an Skeleton Wizard's teleportation or a Punter that knocks you into the next room, then everyone else would lose access to your roles vital info until you're reunited. You'll also get to choose your character class. The Fighter and Cleric classes are available for everyone (so that you can always play with your friends). Access to the other classes as well as Challenge Modes (including PvP) and Bonus Armor and Helmet Cosmetics are available with the Fellowship Unlock.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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