Copper Canyon Shoot Out, The Black Dragon Studios Ltd 2019

Do you feel you’re missing out on all the authentic futuristic Old West robot shooting action? Then look no further. This is a frantic, fast paced VR shooter set in a Wild West themed world overrun by robots. You find yourself outnumbered and outgunned against an invasion of corrupted enforcement machines. You must fight your way through the Copper Canyon to rid it of this evil robot horde. It has been developed in Unreal Engine 4 for VR, and supports both Vive and Oculus. Features: Three unique arcade environments - the Town, a Desert Canyon and Crystal Power Mines; Shoot enemies to pieces; Dual wield weapons; Ambiguous and unlikely placeholder hero (you); Explodey Robots; Old timey western soundtrack; Guns which go bang.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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