Blue Star Saga Annex 2010

A shooting game that won prize in the 6th Freem! Game Contest. You can transform weapons, skillfully uses bombs, and capture all eight stages. Board the space-time fighter "BLUE STAR" equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence), it is a vertical scroll shooting game (scrolls slightly to the left and right) to capture all 8 stages with various mechanisms. While exchanging the arms with three different performances by the button according to the battle situation, and increasing the number of bombs with the bomb gauge which goes up each time there is a shot. Further strengthen the shot with the enemy defeat numbers. Some stages and bosses are a bit difficult, but there are 20 self-made aircraft, one continuum from the start, and there are 3 bombs if it is done, so even beginners will advance to the far side. The strategy is to use bombs that can attack completely and invincible.
Free Game v2.0 85MB (uploaded by Freem!)

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