America's Retribution Ed Findlay 2018

America teeters on the brink of total annihilation at the hands of the evil war mongers. USA's only hope rests with one man, President Trump. Your mission: Battle deep into the urban jungle, where the evil dictator and her henchmen develop weapons of mass destruction. A multitude of weapons, from rapid-fire machine guns to high-tech lasers, are at your disposal as you sweat blood, fighting past terrorists, security systems, and robotic abominations. This is the ultimate test for a patriot. And if you survive, America survives. 2D Side scrolling retro action shooter game where you take down terrorists, the US deficit and evil dictators. Multi weapons plus explosives with a boss and a time bonus challenge at the end of every mission. Featuring simultaneous play for two players co-op. Controller or Keyboard supported.
Download: None currently available

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