Z.A.R. (Zone of Artificial Resources) Maddox Games / Auric Vision 1998

Z.A.R. concerns a fully automatic factory, run by a computer. Not unexpectedly, as in most shooter scenarios, things go wrong when control over it is attempted and the computer gets angry and puts all robots and rockets which are produced in Z.A.R. in the service of his bad creator. On Earth, they send to correct this problem not a space fleet but a single man, you. After the jump into a fight area, one gathers at first weapons and then starts to destroy opponents and to fulfill your orders. Z.A.R. uses of a Voxel graphics (with 3d support for Glide and Direct3d). Everything happens outside (and because one can jump high and gravity is not the same as on Earth), it reminds me a little of Terminal Velocity and similar games. Now and then one may also fight in the group and enjoy more high-action battles, however, mostly you go against - like other famous shooters - the (silly) evil foes. Z.A.R. is not an especially bad game, but it's also nothing that special. Therefore, amongst better 3d-shooters, this one faded fast and offers no incentive for most players to try.

See also: #Z.A.R. MissionPack

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1 & 3 Level Demos 6+13MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection + DOS Games Archive)
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Full Demo (upped by keropi)
Russian ISO Demo ~449MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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