CyberNoire FiniGames 2019

This is an episodic detective horror game with FPS elements set in a dystopian version of our future. In this first chapter the character we control (Agent Kane Anderson) is a policeman from “Neo City” in the year 2082 who is assigned the investigation of a murder case in the mansion of a very important macro corporation member (Tyrell Vega, CEO of VEGA CORP). The society is in a state of maximum inequality, with a lot of delinquency in the streets, and is mostly controlled by the richest. The game begins when we fly to the abandoned house, on a dark and rainy night. This open beta is supposed to work as an idea of the game world and serve as the first chapter for the game, We will keep working on this game since we want to create a fully explorable world with multiple chapters depending on the funding we get.
Chapter 1 - Open Beta v1.2 1GB (uploaded by

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