Nether: The Untold Chapter Fredaikis AB / Nether Productions LLC 2019

This reveals a story that picks up where Nether left off. The ravaged cityscape inspired by a post-apocalyptic Chicago is still haunted by creatures called “Nethers” and fresh reports claim that years of mutations have resulted in new forms of life in the city. One of the most unique survival experiences has been given a new look, optimizations, content, new monsters, bug fixes and a powerful anti-cheat to ensure a fun and fair game-experience. Discover an open world featuring a massive city landscape with open high-rise buildings and unforgiving outskirts. Scavenge and fight your way to survival. Build up your inventory, complete objectives to earn XP and level up your character’s abilities, craft and search the city for a wide selection of weapons and gear. Play alone or group up with others to survive. Join a tribe and fight against others over territories in the map. Complete missions individually or for your tribe to earn experience, money and reputations. Experience a fast-paced PvP with a wide variety of weapons to choose from. Fight a variety of creatures and scavenge their unique drops to trade and craft for items, money and experience. Play on official servers, or host your own with up to 64 players to tailor the game experience to your needs. Fredaikis Anti-Cheat (FAC) is a new, innovative anti-cheat that ensures a fair game-experience for everyone.
Download: None currently available

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