Ritual: Crown of Horns Draw Distance 2019

This horde mode game is based on gut instinct tactics. It's a fast-paced 3D top-down witch defense shooter with weird western aesthetic, arcade gameplay, and wild wild storyline. A violent, fast-paced action game set in an alternate Wild West, an absurd, acid-fueled vision of hellish frontier. Inspired by a variety of unique takes on the Western genre, from Alejandro Jodorowsky’s "El Topo" and Clint Eastwood’s "High Plains Drifter" to cult "The Wild Wild West" TV series. It's a wild tale of an unlikey duo: a bounty hunter who comes back from beyond a grave, yearning to exact revenge on his homeland, and a witch who aids him with a series of powerful rituals to further her own secret goals. A unique auto-aiming system that distinctly sets itself apart from your average twin-stick shooters: instead of spraying and praying, you are an elite gunslinger who makes every shot count. A satisfying arsenal: shotguns, six-shooters, rifles, crossbows, and a few surprises that are a little less era-appropriate. Outrageous enemies: brainwashed cultists, supernatural legendary creatures, bizarre murderous contraptions – you name it. Gear: mysterious capes, hoods and amulets that you can customize and get powerful buffs for your character. Creative spells and power-ups that can violently alter the way you approach each combat encounter. Plenty of insane levels for you to master, each complete with unique challenges tailored to push the combat system to its limits. A unique gothic-horror-meets-weird-western artstyle. It's 18XX - You were a lawman on a mission to track down a dangerous witch. Upon reaching your goal, you found yourself in a fatal ambush prepared by horned beast-like men. Your death was probably just collateral damage. Not one of your government supervisors cared. Now, brought back from beyond the grave by the dark magic of the witch you were supposed to take out, you find yourself in a forced alliance against a common enemy. Understand the powers responsible for your misery and get rid of them once and for all. Make friends and enemies along the way. Visit places inspired by real locations in the United States and discover their myths. Look for symbols that the Land of the Free was based on and purify them. It's a game about icons and myths, and tales we tell ourselves in order to make sense of our world and our identity. It’s about facing the unfaceable and living to tell the tale.
3-Level Demo 301MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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