Octonaut Joseph Calabro 2019

The world has been taken over by an alien invasion. On the eve of destruction, humanity called out for their last hope. Octonaut we need your help. This is a retro Shoot 'Em Up inspired by games from the Genesis. Your goal is to save the world from an alien invasion by shooting and dodging your way through 8 levels and 8 bosses. With a variety of power-ups including lasers, bowling balls, and ninja stars do you have what it takes to save the world? In Normal Mode you start the game with 1000 shield and 3 lives. If your shield reaches zero, it won't be over yet! If you don't take another hit for 8-10 seconds, you will recover 100 shield... Otherwise your cooked. In Panic Mode you start the game with a shield power-up and no HP. You will only be able to take two hits before it's all over. This mode is designed for players seeking a more challenging experience. In Custom Mode you can customise: Your maximum shield; The amount of lives you start with; Your starting weapon; Whether power-ups are enabled; Which level you start from; Whether you start from the boss. This mode is designed for those seeking a more casual experience. For players who want an easier experience, Assist Mode cuts all damage received in half.
Download: None currently available

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