Meteor James Bunting 1999

This is a look down military shooter for Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/x64 supporting single player, cooperative and head to head game modes over a LAN or across the Internet. Meteor is the name of an orbital ion cannon that protects the Earth from meteors and such. However it was constructed to attack ground targets and now terrorists has taken over the Meteor complex. It is unknown if the terrorists have the encrypted firing codes. As sergeant Ash the player must now fight of the terrorists and recapture the base. The game features a wide variety of weapons spanning from a simple hand gun to a rocket launcher and a laser cannon. The game comes with built in editors that allows the player to create mods and new levels for the game. This game was created using Allegro. Features: Fast paced gameplay across several missions; An entire single player campaign; Network play for up for 64 players over a LAN or across the Internet (coop and head to head modes); All editors are included, make your own maps, grahpics or even an entire mod; 16 bit colour DirectX graphics; High quality sound effects and soundtrack. It now supports modifications and total conversions (v.1.1 upwards) by allowing modified game data to be stored in a separate base folder. Modified elements may contain: Maps, Graphics (including title screen), Tiles, Sounds, Music, Races (monsters), Player characters, Weapons.
Free Game v1.32 10MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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