Strogg Particle Laser 1997
This begins with a spaceship crashing into the Strogg compound wall, conveniently and dramatically creating a doorway for you. Once inside the darkened, broken entrance way, you find yourself engaged in combat. Around the next corner you see a Strogg working at a panel which shorts out and explodes, blowing the unfortunate Strogg into pieces. The panel is still sparking as you go by. It's these kind of "unexpected" events which keeps you moving on to see what is around the next corner. Your quest is laid out for you on your field computer, basically it is: destroy the Strogg Particle Laser, and make your escape. As you will see, destroying the Strogg particle laser is your escape. Gameplay progresses logically, your successes rotate a central hub which make further exploration possible. You should not have trouble or get stuck, unless you ignore those armor shards in the machine pump room. It looks impossible, it's not, it just takes some timing and cool nerves. This particle laser compound is nicely laid out, and the machine pump room is quite dramatic when you first walk in. Combat situations are appropriate but not overly difficult.
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