Yaru Danmaku Engine Yal 2017

A GameMaker:Studio source file with a lot of systems in place, letting you either easily create a danmaku/scrolling shooter game with minimal effort by using the existing resources, or expand on a powerful extensible framework to kickstart your massive shmup project. There are versions for both GMS1 and GMS2, tested using the latest stable release for each. Use simple queue-based scripting systems for enemy behaviors, stage sequencing, and cutscene: Easily make cutscenes; Easily make new enemies, all you need is to draw a sprite and set some variables like HP and loot; Or even have the same types of enemies in different waves attack with different bullet patterns or movement. More complex state-based system for bosses: adjust bullet pattern and movement individually; Automatic transition between different attack patterns at indicated HP levels, including explosion effects; Bosses handles everything automatically, including special effects, triggering cutscenes, and drawing their HP bar - Making bosses has never been this easy. Attacks can be flagged as "spellcards" to get a special animation displaying their name. Player character system intended for multiple playable characters, and easily extensible: Players have separate main, powerup and option attacks. Each attack can be customized with different attack patterns, sound effects and delays to control every little detail with just one line of code; Powerup system that makes your attacks stronger as you collect power fragments, with fragments being dropped on death; Options system that let you control an arbitrary number of turrets following you around, putting Gradius to shame; Screen-clearing bombs that make you temporarily invincible' Combo system that rewards good play with massive bonuses. Comes with two example playable characters with vastly different attacks, two example bosses with unique spellcards and attack patterns, and two example stages with different enemy layouts. Features leaderboards system out of the box. Name entry is automatic on Game Over or beating the game, and every leaderboard entry indicates both player name, score, game progression and what character was used. All scripts and objects has thorough comments that explains their functionality. Easy to edit and extend to suit your needs. Comes bundled with professional music, sound effects, and graphics. Credit appreciated but not mandatory. Can be used in commercial games, but do NOT resell the source code itself, even if modified.
Level Demo 10MB (uploaded by Itch.io)

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