America's Retribution Term 2 Ed Findlay 2019

He's back. The American President is locked and loaded for his second term. This time he must find the source of the ultimate evil corruption. And destroy it. Better weapons, better graphics, better music, better everything. Battle your way through the city streets of Chicago to the jungles of Africa fighting terrorists, fascists, fake News media and evil globalists. Get help from supporters and cabinet members like vice President Pence. Equip new devastating weapons like the super shotgun and rocket launcher. Defend yourself with the all new plasma shield. Side scrolling action like never before. Jump, duck, dodge and blast your way through or use your smart phone and call in an air strike. But beware of the opposition as then will do anything to try and take you down. This is it. The final battle of good vs evil is in your hands.
Download: None currently available

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