Wings Miika Virpioja 1999

The idea of Wings is very simple. You fly a little rocket (or whatever it is) in various levels trying to shoot your opponents down. It's fun, though. ;) If you have ever played a game named AUTS, Wings might look more than little familiar. For example, those ingenious (aren't they?;) V-model ships are taken from there. At the beginning you may choose 1-8 levels, 1-8 players, and ships and weapons for each player. The weapon marked with 1 will be on when a match begins (if starting weapon option is set to 'default'), and weapons marked with X can be changed on later. After that, you can change your weapon at a base, by pressing buttons that are normally used for turning left/right. When there is only one player left, he must return to a base to win the match. Bases are usually gray objects, but there are also private bases, which are drawn by the same color as your ship. Ships are also repaired on most bases. From Options/Rules -menu, you can select deathmatch-mode, in which killed players are reborn, and killer gets a point. If player crashes himself, he will lose a point. Levels are changed after selected amount of kills. There is also a simple one player game included. If you select only one player, you must rescue ten of your own troopers from an enemy territory, and then fly to a base. You can select one of 33 weapons, and the surroundings can be destroyed. The game features multiplayer capabilities, either through linked PCs or two or more players using one keyboard plus gamepads/joysticks. In the original shareware version certain weapons were locked until the game was registered. The game includes a level editor. Originally shareware, it was later made freeware by the developer.
Free Game v1.40 3MB (uploaded by
Old levels 318kb (uploaded by Official Site)

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