Delta G Evols 2019

Early Access Release This is an online multiplayer FPS, and its specifity is that you can change the gravity direction, so you can walk on walls and roofs. The core idea of the game is the idea of freedom of movement. You also can use a hook, to move faster, and fly in the air. Play against the world - It's exclusively online, so you can play with your friends, and against real people. Faster than ever - The game permits you to change gravity, has powerful multi-jumps, and a grappling hook, so you can reach speeds never seen before in an FPS. In-air or on the floor - You can decide to play the game on the floor like a classic FPS, or to fly and battle in-air like in a platformer. The game is somewhere between an FPS and a platformer. Choose your playstyle - We have different classes of characters, so it fits your playstyle. You're into fast and agile gameplay? We have that. You prefer to have a bigger defense? We have it too. Do tricks never seen before - Gravity, the hook and the teleporter enable you to do tricks you coudln't even dream of in normal FPS games. Fly and swing around, to do the most beautiful kills you've ever seen. Enter a gravity-shifted world - The levels of Delta-G are on multiple sides, and aren't just classic maps that only have one floor. Some worlds are inside a giant cube, some are just plaforms flying in the air. You don't just play a game, you become part of the community. We advise you to join the Discord community server, in which we talk with players, and where you can tell us what you want to see in the game.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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