Dreadborne Drifters Tryzna / Tryzna83 2019

Early Access Release You are the drifter, a wandering agent of the inquisition taking rides through void portals wherever threat to the humanity emerges, spreading holy light and wisdom through superior firepower. It won't be easy at first, but you will grow in power, faith and equipment to take on bigger threats to spread influence of the Dreadborne Citadel to protect the remains of humanity. This is fast 2d platformer ARPG full of loot, tons of enemies and plenty of opportunities to make your character more powerful. The more you progress in the game, the more lootcentric it becomes as rare items come with unique perks that can create thousands of combinations and possible builds when combined with character talents you gain as you level up your character. Classes - You can choose between Enforcer, Dronemancer or Stalker. Enforcer is a tough badass who can groundslam while creating massive impact explosion or can hover midair while launching a devastating rocket barrage. In addition enforcer is the only class who can gain energy shield for enhanced survivability. Dronemancer can control and command multiple drones, throw grenades, and unleash massive death beam. Stalker is cyber ninja-like character. Can detonate enemy corpses, use time hacks and drain souls of his enemies. Environments - Every map is randomly generated during short loading. Filled with basic structures and enemies, mini underground dungeons and various environment specific terrain decorations, sometimes tied to mini-events to enrich your journey and gain additional rewards. Dont expect anything too complex or complicated as it's designed as run and gun game. That's why you wont encounter anything that will disrupt your momentum for longer than necessary. Instead of using procedurally generated weapons (which was original intention), it's been decided to implement full weapon customization like you might know from bigger games and let players creat the guns they want, instead of having player waiting for very rare item drop. Various accessories can be attached to some of the guns (well, to any gun if you have right reputations and certain amount of currency) and apply attributes that you lack, or need to run your build with ease.
Download: None currently available

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