Magnificent 5 Free Reign Entertainment LLC 2020

20 teams enter, but only 1 can be victorious. The ‘Magnificent 5’ ride again across a massive landscape, searching for weapons and ammunition, collecting the best, taking aim and eliminating their enemies. The Sandstorm is Upon Us - A storm of epic proportions sweeps across the land, engulfing (the) New Frontier. One last heist, one more rush for the gold. Can you survive the storm and your enemies and escape with the riches? Gold Rush - Scattered across the map are locked safes that contain precious gold bars. Find the safes, crack them open and collect the gold. The more gold bars your team owns at the end of the match, the more rewards and gear you receive. Bring your friend, Form your Posse - Carefully plan your strategies, tactics, positioning and with your team using voice chat. Stay in close contact, work together to outmaneuver and crush your enemies
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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