Wild Varmint Bounty Hunter Running Dog / Value Works 1996

Ready, Aim, Fire! Get that trigger finger in position for some non-stop varmint killin' excitment. Nab those pesty critters as quick as they scurry across the varmint-infested landscape. Four powerful weapons make for a hootin' good time. So Get ready, 'cause fast thinking' and quick maneuverin' will turn those pelts into money and make you the richest bounty hunter in town. Wild Critters: Prairie Dogs, Squirrels, Coyotes, Rabbits. Varmint-infested Landscapes: New England Woods, Idaho River Bottoms, Wyoming Plains, Ozark Hills. Powerful Weapons: Bolt-action rifle with Scope, Semi-automatic Rifle, Shotgun, Pistel. Rapidly reproducing rodents have taken over the countryside. Aim true and make the world a better place by dishing out some serious population control. Includes Clear the varmint infested landscape, hunt for prairie dogs, squirrels, coyotes and rabbits. In some areas of the USA animal species excessively increased and created true troubles for humans and the countryside. Move as a local Bounty Hunter. Buy ammunition. Four different weapons, from the shotgun to the precision rifle with sights. Five completely different, realistic landscapes, of the meadows of new England up to the desert of Arizona Clear maps Different animal occurrence within the map. Find the mother lode in order to make really good booty.
included in Bits & Bytes 7 - CD1 ISO Demo 689MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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