Wings 2 Miika Virpioja 2006

A sequel to popular Wings game. A 2D-multiplayer caveflyer. Game is about flying fast space ships in variety of maps shooting opponents. The weapon set can be chosen from dozens of weapons. It's a 2 player side-scrolling combat game. It might best be described as a competitive version of Asteroids. Each player controls a triangular ship that can rotate left or right and thrust in that direction. Each ship can also carry up to four different kinds of weapons from those available in the game (defined by the game setup). Some choices include projectile weapons, flamethrowers and wind blowing. The objective of each level is for the player to destroy his opponent using these weapons and earn points for doing so. The game is shareware and registration is required to play TCP/IP games.
Full Demo v1.3.6 + Level Collection 17+31MB (uploaded by

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