Kaz Ball Doby Digital 2019

Early Access Release This is a fast-paced, 5v5, team space-sport similar to hockey, rugby, or football. The core objective is to grab the ball, and shoot it into your opponent's goal more than they do it to you. You achieve this by flying to the ball and grabbing it with your grappler. You must then avoid enemy blasters long enough to pass the ball to your team mates, or shoot it into the opposing goal. When your ship is hit by blaster fire it doesn't explode, but you'll drop the ball, and you sure will spin a lot. You'll need to correct your ship's orientation in order to get back into the action. Everyone in the game is flying around freely in the huge, open space arena so be sure to use that freedom to pull off some awesome maneuvers, and epic plays. This game has regional dedicated servers for your enjoyment. This game will never have any micro-transactions for your non-enjoyment. The game will remain free during a substantial part of Early Access, so jump in and get you some.
Steam Free Early Access (uploaded by Steam)

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