Project Remaster 2006

This Battlefield 2142 enhancement aims to improve the basic game by adding new textures, animations, maps and other visual tweaks as well as new weapons. It's built on "NSSP" ashes (aka Northern Strike Singleplayer) but now it rises with new power and much more content. Mod changes and features: HD textures for terrain and static objects; New 1p animations; New weapons; New HD 1p hand models for EU and PAC; Bot support for vanilla BF2142 maps (includes molokai and yellow knife); Improved soldier body physics/ragdoll; Higher field of view; Increased sprint; Vehicle tweaks, new zoom and fov features; New balanced, more effective weapons; Fully working offline and CO-OP kits customization; widescreen support; 1080p weapon sights; Dynamical movement animations; Dynamical jump animations (in progress); High quality weapon sounds; Special reshade, balanced for BF2142; Reworked specific maps lighting; Better vehicles AI (Goliath can properly use mines right now).
Download MP v1.0 + Patch v1.2, SP v1.0 + Patch v1.2 2.23GB+115MB / 2.05GB+142MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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