Game Densetsu: Grobda [J] Namco Limited / Kabaya Foods 2004

Originally in arcades in 1984, this is a pc conversion of that original version in a Game Legend series sold in convenience stores. Grobda is a spin-off from Xevious, as the titular tank was originally an enemy in that game. The player takes control of the eponymous Grobda tank in an arena filled with numerous indestructible obstacles and several enemy tanks. When an enemy tank is killed, it will cause an explosion which can destroy other tanks as well as the player if positioned in the blast radius at the time. There is a shield that offers temporary protection from enemy fire, but constant firing from enemies will make it disappear. The game consists of 99 rounds, called "battlings". The number of playable stages is limited: 1-12. Internet ranking service was provided.
Japanese ISO Demo 42MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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