State of Decay 2: Heartland Undead Labs / Microsoft Studios 2019

This is the first story-based content update for State of Decay 2 and is included with Game Pass. Explore a new map (Trumbull Valley, from the original State of Decay), battle new plague freaks (including the plague-infected bloater, screamer, feral, and juggernaut), and revisit familiar people and places to see how they’ve been changed by the ongoing apocalypse. You can play as either of two pairs of survivors, each of whom have traveled to Trumbull Valley for different reasons. In "The Last Wilkerson," a defiant young woman travels to Trumbull Valley, along with her loving but emotionally distant aunt, in search of her estranged father. When her father doesn’t turn out to be who she thought he was she must grapple with her identity in order to find the strength to fight the growing threat of blood plague that is overtaking the valley. In "Searching for Santos, a grizzled ex-con must pair up with an idealistic young cop and travel to radio-silent Trumbull Valley in order to track down a valuable ally. These unlikely companions must overcome their differences and learn to work together before the insidious blood plague overtakes the valley. Regardless of the story you choose to explore, you’ll learn about what’s been going on in Trumbull Valley since the original denizens of this region escaped in the first State of Decay. You’ll also get answers to big questions that have plagued our survivors (and players) since the opening days of the apocalypse.
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