Stellar Survivor Sticks & Stones, Breda University of Applied Sciences 2019

Early Access, Full Release Date: Jun 30 Stranded on an alien planet, you have to defend the Powercore that helps you to stay alive from hostile alien enemies. You have to strategically set up your traps to defend yourself against those aliens. You can choose different traps such as the Spike Trap, Electric Tower, Mines and more. You can freely place these various traps in a tactical way to steer the aliens where you want them to go. Over the course of waves, the number of aliens increases. You have a variety of weapons you can use against the aliens: Assault Rifle, Shotgun and the Sniper Rifle. Play together with your friends to increase your chance of survival. How long can you stay alive? Features: Play with your friends in drop-in drop-out multiplayer (Coming soon); Gather resources and build defenses to prepare yourself for the waves of aliens; Fight different alien types, each with their own abilities; Different types of traps, turrets, and defensive structures. Place them strategically to kill as many aliens as possible; Realistic extraterrestrial planet; Destroy the aliens with three different weapons, each suitable for different situations. It's an academic project from third-year students of Creative Media & Game Technologies from Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands. We are a team of 22 motivated students with a great passion for developing video games. With Stellar Survivor, we want to share the experience and knowledge we gathered throughout the last years at school.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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