Return To Cube Planet AR Gaming 2019

On 21th October 2163 the Next World Corporation discovered a promising new planet in the outer rims of the Ursa Major constellation. Due to their ongoing exploration for new planetary resources the company sent a space vessel to analyse the surface and deeper layers of the planet. There is no evidence of what they have found. It was reported that the crew recognized some kind of Artificial Defense Grid which immediately started to attack the space ship and destroyed it within seconds. Only one crew member was able to get into a rescue capsule and land on the planet surface. But what terrors he had to fight against next is still unknown. You need to find the keys to the rescue capsule and leave the spacecraft. But on the way you need to destroy the infected crew members. Get to a distant planet, research laboratories. Fight monsters and an unknown virus, find the hidden weapon, go through all the levels of the game.
Download: None currently available

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