Beyond a Total Loss Pseudobug 2019

In this darkly humorous 2D action-adventure game (with a dash of survival horror) you play as JOHN HARRY – a balding moustachioed dim-witted drunk, who just drove his most prized possession – a car – into a ravine. A man, who calls himself THE WARDEN, tricks John Harry into signing a contract that obliges him to complete seven ordeals – varying from mixing a cocktail to participating in a deadly game show. But what is the true goal of this mysterious "warden"? And is John Harry really as dense as he looks? How many cocktails can a man really drink in one day? Features: BLOOD - Know your health by the amount of blood on your face; ALCOHOL - Mix cocktails and feel their effects; VIOLENCE - Shoot bullets from guns into horribly deformed creatures; ABUSE - Experience verbal abuse by people you hardly know; PUZZLES - Find out if the rusty key fits into the rusty lock; TALKING - Have a conversation with other weirdos; CHOICES - Conversation choices that sometimes have consequences and sometimes don’t; INVENTORY TETRIS - Unleash your inner OCD by managing your inventory; LOVE - Fall in love, or just watch dirty pictures; THE END - Experience three totally different endings depending on decisions you made; MINIMAL HUD - Use your brain to remember how many bullets you have left; PHILOSOPHY - Find out if worms are moral beings.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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