MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Piranha Games 2019

Release Date: Dec 10 This is a science fiction simulator allowing players to pilot powerful mechs. From the developer of MechWarrior Online, the game offers only a single player mode. The game is set in the Battletech universe and takes players to the year 3015, to remote regions of the galaxy that have been colonized by humans and are known as the Inner Sphere. Before the Galaxy League ruled this territory, the inner quarrels led to its dissolution and the creation of five feuding factions ruled by the so-called Great Houses. Members of these Houses have spent hundreds of years on continuous wars waged against each other for control over the planets and resources. Players join the conflict during the so-called Third Succession War, which has lasted for over 150 years and nothing suggests it might end anytime soon. The player assumes the role of a young mercenary, who just begins his career as the mech pilot. The story campaign takes place during the period of 35 years allowing the player to expand his or her business from a single and small unit to a mighty mercenary corporation. It continues the traditions started by the previous installments. Players get to immerse into the world far different than the real one and learn the complex mech controls, which in turn resembles other simulation games available on the market. All the machines are slow but durable and well armed, allowing players to feel as if they piloted a walking fortress. The player assumes the role of a mercenary, whose only motivation lies in generating profits – this is why, when playing the story campaign, one can freely select missions assigned by all the factions participating in the conflict. Players can spend what they earned on repairing their mechs, upgrading components and arms, and even purchasing entirely new machines. As one progresses through the game, his or her reputation grows and unlocks more difficult (and better paid) jobs. With time, the player can hire other pilots and purchase mechs for them. All decisions, as well as the course of each battle, affect the war. Being a freelance mercenary does not necessarily mean that one can do as they sees fit. Repairs and replacement of different components are expensive, thus one cannot focus on achieving victory at any cost. It is also necessary to keep the mech damage to a minimum so that the repair costs do not exceed the promised payment for a particular mission. Players also need to spare their money when using the munitions. With time, your corporation is bound to expand so much that the game starts resembling an economic strategy, as you have to tend to personnel, finance, and resource management. It's based on Unreal Engine 4.0. The developers used some of the visuals elements from MechWarrior Online, however, they were significantly improved before being implemented into the game.
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